Coaching Services

Leadership Team - Provide an objective, unbiased, unintimidated sounding board for leadership issues. Input and consultation in planning and decision making. "Bad news" is often the most important news. Employees are at times hesitant to tell ownership what it does not want to hear. A contract consultant does not have the luxury of being concerned about employment, but does have the responsibility to help ownership to see all sides of an issue. Outside input is also a source of fresh new ideas. I am known as a problem solver and an idea person.

Managers - Individual one on one coaching of managers with the goal of office growth and increased agent productivity. Focus on attracting qualified agents and employing methods for career development and retention of same. Ongoing help troubleshooting, including on site and off site access. Creation of a plan, (review if one is already in place), to accomplish above goals. Monitor commitment to and execution of plan.

Staff - Work with staff to create the best in service and support by developing systems and cultivating a service attitude/atmosphere. Create Mission Statement, Objectives, Strategies and Tools to accomplish same. Monitor commitment and execution.

Agents - Individual and or group coaching of agents with the goal of career development, increased production and professional growth. Development of business plan. Monitor commitment to and execution of same. Troubleshoot agent issues; provide an objective ear and an "outside" voice to deal with problem situations.


I offer an array of seminars on Real Estate and business topics ranging from Procuring Cause, Agency, and Risk Reduction, to Stress Management, Networking, and Service Excellence. Topics are appropriate for Management, Staff, or Agents. I primarily use the "Facilitation" method. I also teach managers how to employ effective techniques such as Brainstorming and Facilitation.

Special Services

Master Mind - an informal, regular small group session attended, preferably, by a mix of real estate industry entrepreneurs. Purpose is the development of positive attitude, cultivation of relationships, and the opportunity to cross-pollinate ideas. I have seen this process turn truly negative people into open minded self-responsible business people. This can also be an excellent subtle PR vehicle.

Business Analysis - Research and review of individual or office business toward the goal of improving efficiency, effectiveness, and production without sacrificing quality of life.

Project Management - Development and execution of a particular project established as a goal by the Leadership Team.

PR - My services "donated" by the leadership team to another entity for the purpose of exposure or to enhance and grow a business relationship.

Custom Tailoring - tell me what you want and I'll develop a program to accomplish it.

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I will be happy to discuss the preferred fee arrangement for long term consulting in a personal meeting at your convenience.



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