NH Real Estate Licensing: To Be Determined


Thanks for sharing all your knowledge, it paid off!!
Cinthia U. Spring 2019

Thank you, you are a great teacher.
Raquel C. Spring 2019

I went and took the brokers exam today and passed! I can’t say enough how much your classes, study guides and test taking tips helped. Also the practice book you supplied and the simulation practice test was extremely useful. I just wanted to thank you for all your time and knowledge.
Dillon D. Fall 2018

Thank you John for being such an awesome teacher!! Your inspirational attitude was great!! Loved all the real life stories too.
Lisa G. Fall 2018

Took me quite some time but I am THRILLED to inform you I just passed the test on my first try! I am BEYOND grateful for all your amazing classes and advice throughout the journey! You’re a great instructor - I couldn’t have done it without you!
 Juliana R. Spring 2018

I am THRILLED to inform you I just passed the test on my first try! I am BEYOND grateful for all your amazing classes and advice throughout the journey!
You’re a great instructor - I couldn’t have done it without you! 
Juliana R. Fall 2017

When I took the test, all I had to do was look back on the materials we talked about in class. That’s the beauty of having a smaller class, you don’t realize how much you absorb until test time. I will recommend you to anyone thinking about real estate, thank you again!
Sean H.  Fall 2017

Hi John, thank you so much for being a great teacher and mentor. I really appreciate all the knowledge I’ve learned from you.
Elnaz N. Fall 2017

I passed! Thanks for having me (and all of us) well-prepared for the test
Julie G. Summer 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed the class, and you did a FANTASTIC job delivering it! I have attended few classes with such a well-informed
and passionate instructor as you, and for that, I thank you!!  
Tom W. Summer, 2017

It was a pleasure having someone with loads of experience and tons of knowledge. Glad I chose you John! 
Ron P. Summer, 2017

Thanks for all of your help. I studied my butt off and I passed on the first try!!!
Tammy L. Winter 2017

Your course Rocks!! (my evaluation said so)
Lori S. Fall 2016

I found the class very engaging and was very impressed with your in-depth knowledge.
Arthur B. Fall 2016

Thank you for another superb class. You did a great job going over all the required material and interjecting your personal experiences was definitely a plus.
Bill M. Fall 2016

I wanted to let you know that I had tested last Wednesday and I passed!! Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for an excellent course.
Anat M. Summer 2016

Took the exam this morning and happy to say I passed. Thank you again for a very informative & detailed class.
Bethany D. Summer 2016

I passed! Just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for an excellent course.
Anat M. Spring 2016

Thanks to your course I was able to pass the exam today! Everything you said was accurate. Thanks for the great course! I learned a lot of valuable information
Al P. Fall 2015

Thank you so much I really appreciate that. It truly was a pleasure to be in your class. You are an incredible instructor you definitely found your calling in that!
Matt M. Spring 2015

Wanted to let you know I passed the salesperson exam this past Monday!! Thanks for a great class and keeping everyone on track.
Jennifer S. Spring 2015

“Thanks for everything,  I just passed the test the other day and soon I will likely start setting up some interviews.  I think what you taught in the class was spot on.”
Andrew D. Spring 2015

“Just wanted to let you know I took my exam today and passed! I couldn't and still can't believe it actually happened, haha. I wanted to thank you for the class, it was definitely what I needed to pass!”
Vanessa R. Spring 2015

Wanted to let you know I passed the salesperson exam this past Monday!! Thanks for a great class and keeping everyone on track.
Jen S. Winter 2015

"You are an excellent instructor with a great ability to breakdown the information into understandable content. The approach you take to describing the unit content, vocabulary and mathematical equations was very, very helpful to me. The depth of your knowledge of the real estate industry was invaluable and, I believe, best prepared me for the exam."
Jess K. Winter 2015.

"You are the best of the best!!"
Marianna S. Winter 2015

I passed both state and national parts of the exam this morning.It was a difficult exam. Without your teachings, helping us prep and overall expertise it could have been a lot more difficult. I want to thank you for all your help with preparing us for the exam. The handouts you gave us for each class where spot on.
Shawn F. Winter 2015.

I took the test a little later than I wanted, but I did pass!! Thank you so much for your great class and instruction. I appreciate it!
Christoph K. Fall, 2014

I passed! Thanks for all your help & for being such a great teacher!
Laura L. Fall 2014

I just wanted to say Thank You for all that you did in teaching me. I'm proud to say it paid off as I passed both exams.
Tina L. Fall 2014

I took the exam this morning and I passed!!! Thanks for everything!
Amy S. Fall 2014

After 2 hours and 15 minutes of testing I passed!!!! Your class really prepared me for the test and your quick recall of RSA's is impressive. I do not think I would have passed if you had not had such a comprehensive knowledge of "test world".
Tim, Summer 2014

I wanted to Thank you for the opportunity to attend your pre-licensing class. You are a wealth of knowledge and made class enjoyable for us each and every week.
Annette, Summer 2014

I passed the exam. It was the most difficult test I have ever taken & took up the whole 3.5 hours. I can't thank you enough for what I learned from you & your teaching style.
Anne Moreau, Spring 2014

I passed. I hope to have the opportunity to take more classes with you.
Tim Hewson, Spring 2014

I wanted to also say thank you to you for such a great class. It went way beyond my expectations I passed :) Thank you again for everything.
Amanda Van Hagn, Spring 2014

"I want to say thank you! You taught with passion and for that I am thankful! I learned a great deal from you. I will refer you to others that are interested in taking the course."
Paula Brennan, Fall 2013

"Thank you for a great class. Everything Rick said was true, you are an excellent instructor with superb knowledge."
Bill Moseley, Fall 2013

"Thanks for being an exceptional instructor...
Lori Corrao, Fall '13

"I just wanted to thank you for your knowledge and expertise. I have passed the exam. I took it this morning. Thanks for everything."
Laura J. Hamilton, Fall '13

"I passed.... Thanks for teaching a great class!!"
Amanda Helmig, Summer '13

I wanted to let you know that I passed the exam today. Thank you for putting together a great course. If I ever come across someone looking to take a course I will definitely recommend yours.
Melissa Higgins, Summer 2013

I passed the Broker exam today! Thanks again for all of your help. Your class was especially helpful for the NH portion of the exam.
Paul Jamieson, Spring 2013

I took my time and studied all your notes from class and passed , thank you; you did an outstanding job teaching!
Rick Turgeon, Fall 2010

I found several options for State approved real estate licensee courses, but thank goodness I registered for John Doran's 6-week session. I found that John's ability to explain the material and help the class learn to apply the concepts using role-play and open discussion made all of the difference. They say that we retain 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear and 70% of what we discuss....thanks to John's approach and his willingness to lead classroom discussions on key concepts, I felt confident with all of the RE Licensee material and successfully passed both the National and State portions of the RE exam on my first try. I feel very confident launching my new career in real estate! Thank you John!
Caroline DeVore, Fall 2010

Thanks for the certificate and the highly beneficial class. It was a very informational and a great learning experience. Your brushes upon some of the real world aspects, personal experience, and success in the field really helped bring everything back to perspective. Thanks for a terrific class,
Samson Smith, Spring '10

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the test last week. I felt I was very well prepared. Thanks again for all your help.
Tom Boland, Spring '10

...Just thought I'd let you know I took the real estate salesperson exam on Friday and passed both parts. I give a lot of credit to your class; I found that I was able to retain most of the material you taught in class, in spite of the fact that it can be kind of dry; you have a lot of techniques you use that work really well. In any case, if you ever need a reference, I'd be happy to help.
Nancy Roth, (fall '09)

...I want to thank you for teaching the course. I've personally really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. Great, common sense presentation made the material very easy to comprehend. I'd recommend this and all other courses you teach to anyone who is considering.
Oleg Mikailov, (summer '09)

...Just thought I would drop you a line and say thanks for a great experience in your class. Also I took my test this morning and passed easily.
Again thanks
Pete, (Norbert 'Pete' Ledoux)

...By the way, I just wanted to let you know that I truly enjoyed this class. When I first signed up, it was with the intention of taking the class to see if its something that would peak my interest. Not only did this peak my interest, but I am VERY excited to move forward with getting started. Although the material can be somewhat dry, you did a super job keeping it interesting and interacting with the group. I would not hesitate to take any other course you teach.
Karen Freitas

...It's always a pleasure to take a class that you are offering. The weeks zoomed by, and the material was well presented. I'll stay in touch and look forward to your next class! Thanks, again.
Michelle Morgan, (passed broker exam)


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