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Did you say…….CHANGE!?!

John Doran


Did you say…….CHANGE!?!

Change for most people, is a word that strikes terror when heard. For business people and consumers alike, “the 90’s” was the decade of enormous change! The real estate industry for example saw significant changes in regulation, nature of practice, the way we do business, advertise, and communicate.
There are “players” in the business today that we never would have anticipated ten years ago. The Internet has become a factor so momentous that we are at present unable to gauge the extent of its long-range effect. Set this against the background of the normal and constant changes in market, economy, financing, product, job stability, etc. and you begin to understand why heads are still spinning.

…And the real estate industry merely mirrors what’s happening across the board in all business forcing business owners and consumers alike to face that dreaded word Change!

It is said that it is not change per se we resist, rather, we resist when we are required to change. The first step is understanding that change is inevitable and constant. In the words of Somerset Maugham: “There is one thing about which I am certain and that is that there is very little about which one can be certain.”

So, knowing change will come to you, here are some coping mechanisms to handle it smoothly and make it work for you:

1. Be prepared. Anticipate change. Create flexible systems. Work to see change as good, normal, and natural. Look for the opportunity in the change!
2. Analyze the change. Look at it from many different perspectives. See how others view it. Through others’ eyes we get a balanced view and thus can see both the threat and the opportunity inherent in all change.
3. Formulate a plan. Face the change with a plan to avoid the threat and reap the benefit of the opportunity. Keep it flexible.
4. Translate the plan into a vision of the next step. Whether you’re moving your family or relocating a billion dollar company, those around you need a clear vision of what’s next. Make the picture so vivid they can see it, smell it, taste it, touch it, and hear it!
5. Monitor the steps of the plan. Seek feedback. Have others help you stay on track, maintain that flexibility, but don’t lose sight of that goal.
6. Know where you are going. It’s the only way you’ll know when you’ve arrived!! Give lots of positive feedback and encouragement to those riding with you on this journey.
7. Don’t rest on your laurels. If you are not already facing another change/challenge, be prepared, you will!!!…Or, get the jump on it and make your own change!!!

Those are some suggestions for you in facing change. The message is summed up nicely in this anonymous quote: “ The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything!”
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