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Those Two Little Words!

John Doran


Those Two Little Words!

Ever wish you had the chance to go to your own funeral? Well, that’s true, I suppose we all do, but I mean …and be able to witness what’s going on.

A few years ago I left a company I had co-owned and helped build from scratch. Being there ten years, it was a quantum change for me to leave. Some of my sales associates put on a “bon voyage” party to wish me well in my next adventure. In some respects it was like attending my own funeral.

Prior to the event, I was deluged with cards and e-mails expressing sentiments. At the event I was given a book in which everyone had written a message. Some taped trinkets to the pages, and some inserted photographs.

What struck me the most, however, were the expressions of gratitude from people I truly thought tolerated me at best, and, in some instances, I thought, didn’t like me at all. I had always done my best to serve these people, but it seemed to me, that, no matter what I did, they were never happy. I just chalked it up to personality. But the heartfelt outpourings of thanks, the remembrances of specific instances where I had said or done something to help, left no doubt about the sincerity of the sentiment.

I was struck. Here these people were grateful and appreciative all the time and I didn’t have a clue. Why? Because they had never said so before. The one message I delivered to that group at that event was, “Don’t wait ‘til some event to tell people you appreciate them. It may be too late. Tell them now.”

We all know too well the words we hear too often today…..which makes it doubly sad the two important ones, “thank you”, are heard so rarely. Something changes when you say, “thank you”. Something wonderful happens when you feel appreciated. I think that’s the part we need to understand – not only are we touched, do we feel good, when someone shows his or her appreciation, but our perception of that person is changed too. I thought very differently of those associates who finally expressed what they had felt for so long. Their acts not only made my day, but also made me see them in a whole different light – as caring people.

Does it matter? You be the judge. See how people react. More importantly, see how it makes you feel.

Thank you.

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