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So Noted!

John Doran


So Noted!

My daughter writes “thank you” notes. She’s a college student, twenty two years old, cool, smart, athletic, and…she writes, “thank you notes”. I think it’s one of the things about her for which I am most proud. She has excelled in so many areas, yes, but that wouldn’t really matter if she didn’t have “heart”. The kid has heart.

Of course she didn’t really have a choice. Both her mother and I were raised by parents who made sure those notes went out after birthdays and Christmas. How embarrassing for a teenage boy to have to write a “bread and butter” note after sleeping over or having dinner at a friend’s. The embarrassing part was the friend’s mother making a big deal about it next time I visited. Boy did I take some grief. But I still had to write my notes!

The other day I did a strategic planning session for a local bank. I used several books in the process and at the end of the event I gave a copy of one to the CEO. Within two days, there was a thank you note in my mailbox. I was impressed, but not surprised. One thing that I have noticed, the truly successful people, take time to say, “thank you”. It’s the mark of a winner.

One of the busiest people I know, building an extremely successful business, getting her masters, volunteering for every project imaginable, always stops to say thank you – to her staff, her clients, her partners, her friends. Like clockwork, two days after we’ve had lunch, there’s a “thank you” note in my mailbox. Even if she bought lunch, she’ll thank me for my time. Amazing!

I got a call from “globe-trotting” success guru and educator Bob Proctor last year. I sent him a book and an article. He called me from high over the Pacific on his way to Indonesia to say, “thanks”. Will he forever be my hero?!?!

You remember those people; you save the notes; you look forward to the next time. It’s so easy to dismiss the practice as the trappings of a bygone era. But tell me, when was the last time you got a hand written thank you note? Is it still on your desk?

I used to tell my daughter, “I find the more I say ‘thank you’, the more opportunities I get to say ‘thank you’. See for yourself.

Oh, by the way, “Thank you for your time”.

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