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“Curious Cat”

John Doran


“Curious Cat”

It’s a strange business – real estate. You meet new people every day, you go into the houses of people you don’t know, you rely on phone calls and messages to make appointments and to give people notice that you’re coming. Sometimes you make mistakes, sometimes things get just a little mixed up....

One of my favorite true stories was told to me by one of my former sales associates. She had set up to show a property first thing in the morning. While walking around outside the house, she and the customers encountered a cat. It stuck with them and when she opened the sliding door to go in, the cat jumped in first.

Not sure whether the cat actually belonged in the house or not, my colleague, Ann, and her customers followed it inside. The cat, acting very much “at home” went upstairs, so they did too. The cat went straight into the master bedroom, it’s audience in tow, and stopped right at the bed. Ann encouraged the customers to look around the house, but she kept her eye on the cat, which began acting oddly. It paced back and forth around the bed, intently focused, always looking under the bed. Finally, Ann got curious and started to get down on her knees so she could see what was there....

That’s when she heard the voice! The voice came from under the bed, “It’s me!”, it said. Ann pulled back and stood up, her customers were equally dumbfounded. The “voice”, sheepishly declared from under the bed that he was the owner, and then asked them to leave the room for a minute.

When he emerged from the bedroom, a little embarrassed, the owner explained that his wife had gotten up and left for work earlier. She had reminded him that there was an early morning showing, and warned him to make sure he got up and out of bed in time to make the bed and disappear. He had fallen back to sleep and only awoke as he heard the slider open, giving him just enough time to make the bed and hide, naked, under it... only to be discovered by a curious cat!! ...and of course an agent “on the job”.

John J. Doran
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