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Live Stream Learning / Pre-License / Post Licensing

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Live Stream Learning / Pre-License / Post Licensing

Internet Live Class, also known as Live Stream, is a category of teaching method approved for NH accredited courses and classes. Live Stream is a format that is as close to 'live in person, in classroom' as technology currently allows. Live stream allows the student and instructor to be present by video and audio. It mimics live classroom attendance and supports participation and interaction.

There are several tech platforms that facilitate live stream teaching, for example - Zoom, Google Meet, GoToMeetings, etc. Zoom has become very popular, because it is simple to use. That is why I chose Zoom as my live stream platform.

Pre-License: This refers to the 40 hour course required to be completed by prospective new licensees before they are allowed to sit for the NH Real Estate Exam. By law this course must be taken live, in classroom with a limited allowance of remote instruction for students who qualify for an excused absence. No more than 2 excused absences can be made up by remote instruction and still allow completion of the course.

Things changed when the Governor issued an Executive Order, (E.O. #29), in late May, 2020. That Order allowed Pre-License courses to be conducted using Internet Live Classes, 'Live Stream'. That order expires Dec. 31, 2020. For Pre-License using live stream, the student is required to be present by video and audio for the duration of every class.

Post Licensing: All Licensees in NH are required to show completion of 15 hours of approved education for each renewal, (2 yr cycle), of their license. There is a 3 hr. Core class requirement and an additional minimum of 12 hrs. of elective credit. If you are a new NH Licensee whose license was issued on or after Feb. 2, 2020, the minimum 12 hrs. elective credit classes must be completed as per NH Real Estate Law, Rules:

Rea 302.03(a) A post-licensing course shall meet or exceed the commission's learning objectives in one of the following four required course topics:

1. P & S contracts;
2. Ethical Behavior;
3. Disclosure Forms; or
4. Agency

The optional courses topics:

1. Fair Housing
2. New Construction
3. Advertising
4. Conflict and Dispute Resolution
5. Negotiations; and
6. Broker Agreements

(b) Courses for each of the topics shall:
1. Be accredited for a minimum of 2 hours and no more than 3 each;

This applies ONLY to the first renewal cycle of those issued their new license On or After Feb. 2, 2020. Post Licensing classes are noted as 'PE' in the course number on the affidavit of completion. I do teach Post Licensing Classes, refer to my C.E. Credit page.

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