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REALTOR®/Educator: Ten Tips

John Doran


Ten Tips

A couple of years ago, I was asked to prepare some home-buying and house-selling “tips” for a radio show on which I was a regular guest. Here is a nickel’s worth of free advice on buying or selling your next home:

1. Prior to selling, sellers should clean, de – clutter, do minor repairs, and
generally spruce up their property.

2. Buyers should create a mental picture of the housing that suits them, making sure that it also suits their lifestyle AND fits their budget.

3. Sellers should take some time to get together documents relating to their house: deed, tax bill, any covenants or bylaws that may affect their neighborhood, plot plan or survey if they have one, utility bills and any septic or water information if they are not on town services.

4. Buyers should do a brief financial inventory of income, assets, bills and debts. Typically it’s a good idea to pay down or eliminate high credit card debt.

5. Whether buying or selling I recommend that consumers engage the services of a professional, a REALTOR, to assist and represent them.

6. Choose that professional as you would a doctor, lawyer, dentist or accountant. Talk with people in the know. Look for a professional with experience, a good reputation, satisfied customers and a track record of being successful at what they do.

7. On the Seller’s side, the REALTOR can give advice about any major steps in preparing the home for sale, counsel on price and present a marketing plan.

8. On the buyer’s side, the REALTOR can help determine financial capability and present homes that fit the lifestyle needs and budget limits.

9. The REALTOR is a guide through the process of either selling or buying and can be very helpful in connecting the consumer with other professionals needed on the way.

10. Last, a word of caution: It’s not just about price! Whether buying or selling it doesn’t pay to get hung up on price. Terms can be as important to a seller as the ultimate price and no buyer is ever served by being hard lined in offers that don’t ultimately get the house!!!

By John Doran, GRI, CRP, ABR
All rights reserved

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